Some Firsts

Disclaimer: These are randomly collected 10 incidents just for pure entertainment purpose. There is no intention to defame any section of people or their beliefs.

First recorded case of deforestation: Sri Ram, when he cut seven trees with one arrow.

First chartered flight: Pushpaka Vimana.

First long jump gold medal: Hanuman.

First act of terrorism: Hanuman burning Lanka.

First civil engineering feat (Trans Ocean Bridge): Ram sethu.

First recorded use of Robitussin/guaifenesin (fertility pills): To conceive Ram and his brothers.

First in-vitro fertilisation: Kaurava Brothers.

First big loan for marriage: Kubera to Lord Venkateswara (a.k.a Lord Balaji)

First collection of high tech weapon systems (including nuclear fission based missiles): Arjuna in Mahabharatha.

First proof that ice is less dense and hence floats on water: Jesus Christ walking on water.

Suggestions are invited for more firsts as comments. 😛