Recently I started reading about karNAThaka sangItam and am trying to understand the composure of rAgAs. I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of my favourite film songs and classical kritIs are from this wonderful rAgA nATTai.

The feeling of bliss that comes from nATTai is to be experienced. jagadAnanda kArakA jaya jAnaki prANa nAyakA from tyAgarAjA stands tall as the signature of nATTai. Among film songs, I was really happy that unknowingly, lot of my favourites are from nATTai – narumugaye (Iruvar), gOpAnganE AtmAvilE (bharatam), tanga magan ingu (bAShA), aiyangAru vITTu azhagE (anniyan), dil sE rE (rAg jOg, which is similar to nATTai), and semi classical film songs swaminAtha paripAlaya (chitram)

Thinking back, I realize that the feeling that intoxicating effect generated inside me on listening to all these songs was similar – that of happiness, pride, drive, and a soothing calmness. This is apparently due to the closely spaced notes – the vivAdi rAgA (Link to Isai Payanam)

Really happy!

Here is a link with all the youtube videos and explanations.

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