Endhiran release forces postponement of Ayodhya Ruling

Singara Bogusland: A day before the ruling of most controversial issue of the ownership of disputed site at Ayodhya, Solar Pictures, approached the Lucknow Division Bench for a postponement of the verdict. The bench, which earlier refused to take up a plea for postponement, immediately took up Solar Pictures’ petition. The judgment was issued after Kala, head of Solar Pictures, met each member of the bench with evidences on iPads. The 42 page judgment on the reasons of postponement began thus, “Superstar is a very important part of every Indian. The release of Endhiran (Robot in Hindi) should be glitch free.” The verdict is now postponed to October second week. The entire nation has waited with bated breath for the release of this movie touted as the costliest film ever made. Fan clubs around the country have welcomed the postponement. One of the fan clubs even performed a fire walking ceremony to thank the gods.

The bench was convinced that superstar movie was more important for the nation than Ayodhya. Accepting the postponement with open hands, the roaring lion of supreme court, Nandagopal Marar said,” Ayodhya verdict can wait. After all we have waited for 17 years. A week or two more will not cause any problems”.

It was a happy day for the film crew. Shankar, who was ecstatic to hear that his movie will receive a grand opening as planned, said, “It is imperative that Endhiran opens to packed house throughout the country. Days 1-3 are very important for a film. Once people realize that the movie is just hype, they will not watch the movie from day 4 onwards. We saw that happen with ‘Debaang’. The opening is very very important.” Highly places sources within Solar Pictures said,”The biggest market for tamil movies outside Tamil Nadu is Kerala. Most of the movies recover money by running to packed houses outside the state. We have seen that putting a snake in the movie will move the tamil audience only and out-of-state audience might not appreciate the existence of a snake in the movie. Chandramukhi is an excellent example. The makers of Chandramukhi copied around 4 movies of Universal Star Lieutenant Colonel Padmashree Bharath Mohanlal and then added a giant snake to distinguish it from the rest. This snake was not well appreciated outside Tamil Nadu. As the trailers have shown, Endhiran will also feature a giant mechanical snake. If we don’t recover the money in the opening weekend, then it will be a long time before we break even. We were tensed that the Ayodhya Verdict might deter people from venturing out this weekend. Now we can relax.”

The budget for the movie is estimated to be more than 250 crores. A bad opening would have burned Kala’s pocket big time. The movie is set for around 72 shows in and around Mount Road area on release day. A curfew would have meant end of road for Endhiran. However, noted film maker, Ratnam has a foolproof solution, “In Raavanan, we were prepared for a slow opening. We over exposed the heroine (who is incidentally the heroine for Endhiran too) to make sure that moviegoers watch the film again and again helping us recover the investment. We have to wait till tomorrow to see if superstar has used these types of tactics”

PS: This is a work of imagination inspired from Faking News.