Some Firsts

Disclaimer: These are randomly collected 10 incidents just for pure entertainment purpose. There is no intention to defame any section of people or their beliefs.

First recorded case of deforestation: Sri Ram, when he cut seven trees with one arrow.

First chartered flight: Pushpaka Vimana.

First long jump gold medal: Hanuman.

First act of terrorism: Hanuman burning Lanka.

First civil engineering feat (Trans Ocean Bridge): Ram sethu.

First recorded use of Robitussin/guaifenesin (fertility pills): To conceive Ram and his brothers.

First in-vitro fertilisation: Kaurava Brothers.

First big loan for marriage: Kubera to Lord Venkateswara (a.k.a Lord Balaji)

First collection of high tech weapon systems (including nuclear fission based missiles): Arjuna in Mahabharatha.

First proof that ice is less dense and hence floats on water: Jesus Christ walking on water.

Suggestions are invited for more firsts as comments. πŸ˜›


14 thoughts on “Some Firsts

  1. Hey, nice man! Where did you get all these?
    By the way, India may have good missiles now but we were/had GODs then.

    First ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) : Brahmastra. πŸ˜€

  2. Hey, anyway you were mentioning many more that day in class room right?
    First religious conversion.
    First weed smoked.
    First transcript of drunken English handwriting.
    What about those huh?

  3. Dyuude, i restricted myself to 10. There are a lot more. The above three particularly are a little irksome to put in a public forum. πŸ˜› ain’t it?

  4. So, reflecting Russel Peter’s opinion on public? πŸ˜€
    Good. It’s good to be alive. πŸ™‚

  5. Well i was directed to this blog by one of my students. I think there are lot of things that needed to be appended to this…. may be this is a joke for many of them to say the first lady to fly in air is seetha etc…. but the fact remains that the continuous invasion of our motherland made many people famous in their academic and technical skills…… well why do you think Alexander couldn’t defeat Indians? it was because we Indians had the knowledge of forging high strength steel. Our armors were virtually indestructible. Soon after the war ended, King Alexander took 50 such skilled laborers from India to the western world. and thats how they gained their name in technology of hardening of steel……..
    looking forward to such posts and some comments on my comment too……

  6. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Our technical expertise was indeed higher than the west but we were not good “entrepreneurs” so to say that we didn’t publicize or take credit for our inventions and discoveries. It is sad to see our Intellectual property being credited to west. Now we have far bigger problem to fight as a nation that we have lesser resources to spent on technology. Lets hope that a change will come soon.

  7. Why do you think we didn’t go for publicizing those technological inventions????? its not that our ancestors were fools. its because we have the great culture. let me tell you the reason

    student in sanskrit is VIDHYARTHI
    the real meaning of vidhyarthi is the person who really deserves vidya…..
    so when we give it to the person who really deserves it then we are assured that he wont misuse that knowledge. but now a days u get the information and technology at the tip of your fingers. thats why our old and so called fool ancestors didn’t do that……

    i hope the matter is now cleared…….. if u agree or disagree to my comment you can straight away comment on it…… feel free to do so….. if i find my self wrong i can correct myself……

  8. The fact that we are not often credited for inventions which we made first is really sad. I agree with you that it is because of our culture and moral integrity combined with our deep thinking powers that we have often stepped aside from the limelight and taught others how to use technology. It is very difficult to be a teacher. That is indeed what we have achieved. The younger generation including me have to understand the contributions of our forefathers and continue to contribute more to our intellectual prowess with greater humility. Looking forward to more thought provoking comments to my future posts and older posts also.

  9. Sure…. with lot of regards and expectations……

    well i would like to divert your attention to another aspect of our country…… the education system….. we are still using the way old fashion 1880’s system…… proposed by some English guy to mold the Indians to work for them…… well if you see that is what is still happening.

    we must give due regards to our history and accept it…….. well if you go and ask any German whether he/she is regretting about the war????? they will never accept it…… so firstly the education system which thinks western science is the best one should be uprooted from this country….well its easy to say but hard to implement as there is a huge concern of vote banks being disturbed…….

    well i hope we should have an education system developed to eliminate all such flaws…..

  10. In a way of seeing, yes, it is the widespread use of this knowledge that is causing the current chaos we live in. If the current technology would not have existed, we would have lived in much more harmony with the nature. I remember a similar incidence when IIT M was deciding whether or not to allow Union carbide ( responsible for BGT) to recruit students. The point in favor was, if we don’t other IITs will allow anyway.That can be implied to our ancient military technology.

  11. well i find it interesting that we are least bothered about the vedic mathematics that was evolved way back in 2000BC. the mathematics that we use is just the western version of the same, that is still preserved in the old scriptures. You have aryabhata and pingala, the great mathematicians who proposed many mathematical theorem like the so called pascals triangle. keeping in mind all those hard facts, still we indians disagree to give the credit to him……. well i feel ashamed at times to say that i live in a country where our countrymen are least given importance…….
    but the fact that we are excelling in all the science is because it is in our gene…. that cannot be erased off by any invasion……..

  12. @Taz: thank you πŸ™‚

    @Adhok: True. Hard realities of cut-throat competition

    @Unike1: Calculus was also explained in our ancient mathematical scriptures. The many DEs and PDEs that bears western names have references in our texts. I guess sanskrit should be made a course in higher educational institutes. For example, the HS dept of IITM can peacefully start an elective in sanskrit of the lines of french and german that they have now. The knowledge of sanskrit is very much essential to uncover our great treasures hidden in scriptures

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