Murder on a Dark Night

Disclaimer : This is a script for a hilarious suspense thriller which can be made to a short tv series. All people,places and situations, even those based on reality are completely fictional. Readers are advised to reach their own conclusion after judiciously reading the following work of imagination. Nothing is obvious.

Attention All previous readers : The title has been changed to make it pleasing to a wider range of audience, increase suspense and to save an ailing soul.

Murder on a Dark Night

Episode #1

A straight path which seems going on and on forever. PoGo, our main hero is riding on a cycle thinking about others(who obviously have something or the other to do with our story). He has just joined the Institute of Infinite Tension,the Kurukshetra of our story, as he was certified as a nerd because he did 5 big mistakes of his life on a sultry afternoon on 8 April 2007. The introduction session he and fellow freshies had in Moon Hostel common room floated into his mind as he shifted to second gear.

Ballbearer : I am Ballbearer Adisheshan Raghuram from B-Bay. My interests are hockey,football,bikes(Avenger),mobile phones(N95), flirting and most importantly Physics. I believe that I can do anything under and over the sun.

Hier (doing all sorts of actions with his hand) : Abhe yaar. What do you say? I am from what do you call ya B-Bay. What do you say? Esheeee….. My name is Hier Afrokan Razer. I play all sport. (This statement draws ahems from the crowd). Seriously yaar. Mein sabkuch keltha hoon yaar. Seriously. Come on yaar. I am just 90 kilos but see my height is 6’1”. I represented my school in badminton,TT, footer and all types of quizzes. In my place I am the only god.

Ballbearer: Where in B-Bay are you from?

Hier : Caluon. (Junta start laughing) So what if it is 200 kms from B-Bay????????????? Abhe yaar. Seriously………………

Bore: Excuse me. A very good evening. I am Aftershock Bore. I am paranoid about AIDS. Thank you.

Grave: I am the Grave. I like sniffing other people’s undies and sleeping with YuYu.

YuYu : I am YuYu and I know the answer to the ultimate question on life, universe and everything. But I am not foolish enough to RG myself. I love sh**ing listening to Mozart and my favorite number is 42.

Grave: Cupper!!!!! It is .7.

YuYu : Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! 42….

PoGo’s thoughts are disrupted as he is forced to brake harshly and downshift from 5th to 3rd.

PoGo (shouting) : Asshole!!!!!!!!! Can’t you see where you are going?

Chimpu : Abhey!!!! Chodna.. Interest nahi hai yaar.

PoGo suddenly recognizes this dark complexioned personality. Chimpu was from Gultistan from where 60% of the gumbaal here is from.

In the lab.

Instructor : This is Liquid Nitrogen and it should be handled carefully. Everyone please make your own calculations. No copied work is allowed.

There is scurrying all around the place and everyone gets busy doing the experiments and PoGo forgets to bring his CalC. So he takes it from Arithmetic and Logical Unit (A.L.U), a fatso, without asking him.

A.L.U : Why did you take my things? Don’t touch my things.

PoGo: Sorry da.

A.L.U : Don’t call me da. I don’t like it. I’ll complain to the Dean,Students.

Ballbearer (intervenes) : Please don’t fight.

Ballbearer takes the CalC from PoGo and returns it to A.L.U.

Pogo: Macha!!!!! Is this guy alright?

Ballbearer: It is ok. Understand a good lesson from this.

PoGo: What?

Ballbearer: Return something before the owner sees it!!!!!!

PoGo stares up with wide open mouth. Totally bulbing.

Narrator: These are the main characters in our suspense thriller. Other characters will be introduced as and when required. In the next episode of Murder on a Dark Night, we will see the special bonds that develop between the characters leading to confusion, chaos, ego, murder and even romance also. Stay tuned to Murder on a Dark Night for the ultimate suspense melodrama. We’ll be back soon.