Quick post

Another late night in lab working on a problem set. Hmpff…. Life of a grad student! I quickly take a break as my Markov Chain Monte Carlo iteration is running. These days I need atleast 4 sessions on MATLAB open and another 20-30 processes running in the cluster to feel alive. Heavy computation. 🙂

I just met the janitor who gives me company when I am working late night. Apparently the man was working all night on the night shooting happened on MIT campus and his girlfriend was working in Stata Center. Woah!

A shout out to the awesome people who work behind the scenes to let us students do research without worrying about anything.

I have a lot to write about and I am overdue by three days. I promise to write tomorrow. Stay tuned for a post on La Fete and Operation Epsilon.

Farmers market

Every Tuesday, MIT Stata Center has a Farmer’s Market run by Russo’s a family run farm based out of Watertown, MA. Incidentally, Watertown was in the news recently in connection with the massive manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

Every Tuesday I have a class in Stata Center and it is very convenient for me to purchase fresh farm produce from the farmer’s market. Today I bought Brinjal, like the variety we get back in India (it is called Eggplant here). I also bought green peppers, tomato, potato, zucchini, raw plantain, ginger. The best part of the farmers market is the quality and price of the produce. 4 potatoes, irrespective of its size costs $1. 6 tomatoes cost $1, a box of eggplant costs $1. The only part to remember is that they take only cash. Other wonderful produce there include giant cabbage head (which costs $1), cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, sugar pea, apples, pears, oranges, lemon, bananas. Last week they had tropical mangoes too.

I plan to cook zucchini pilaf and sour eggplant stir fry tomorrow. The potatoes will make delicious pani puri filling, but I need to go to the Indian store to buy the puris, so it has to wait a couple of days.

I planned to take a photo of the farmer’s market today to put on the blog, but forgot to take it in the rush after purchase. Maybe I’ll click a pic next week and update this post.

Thanks to MIT student life and dining for organising this wonderful farmer’s market so close.