Ab initio

For quite some time I have been thinking about this and here it is. A blog. Being a newbie is almost always a very painful process. There is always this thing called inertia, a natural tendency to continue in the same status of affairs. Nevertheless, I decided that the shubh muhurth for me to overcome this inertia has come. So here I am, ready to make my presence felt in the world of blogging where happiness, anger, frustration, love and umpteen numbers of sensual feelings give vent through words. The place where letters are soldiers, words infantry, sentences legions and paragraphs armies. The marriage between the beautiful literature and the handsome freedom of expression and thought did happen in heaven, the heaven of blogging and not the heaven above. As I heard recently, Indians love to argue and indulge in dialogue for hours together at the end of which they blog. I also intend to express my feelings and take of life here. I assure my readers that my blog will be a pleasant and enriching experience. Please feel free to comment on anything and everything you feel about. Constructive criticism is most welcome. That is all for now. Watch out world, here I come.