Quick post

Another late night in lab working on a problem set. Hmpff…. Life of a grad student! I quickly take a break as my Markov Chain Monte Carlo iteration is running. These days I need atleast 4 sessions on MATLAB open and another 20-30 processes running in the cluster to feel alive. Heavy computation. 🙂

I just met the janitor who gives me company when I am working late night. Apparently the man was working all night on the night shooting happened on MIT campus and his girlfriend was working in Stata Center. Woah!

A shout out to the awesome people who work behind the scenes to let us students do research without worrying about anything.

I have a lot to write about and I am overdue by three days. I promise to write tomorrow. Stay tuned for a post on La Fete and Operation Epsilon.

2 thoughts on “Quick post

  1. It’s difficult to keep track of number of posts. I thought you were writing everyday only.

  2. Hey, sorry. Been away from my blog for sometime. The idea of writing everyday was to induce discipline, doesn’t seem to be working,.. YET. Thanks for commenting, it does motivate to write daily. 🙂 You keep writing frequently too. Is the link to your blog from here broken?

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