About me

I am Deepak N Subramani, currently pursuing graduate studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I did my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Energy at IIT Madras. Before that I grew up in a city called Thrissur in the state of Kerala in south India. Having wanted to stay in India and do a nondescript job, I ended up in the US due to my advisor in IIT and some influences of the research group at IIT Madras.

I like reading fiction, especially by contemporary Indian authors. I grew up reading Harry Potter which is still my favorite. Other books which I like and recommend are the Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripati, Jaya by Devdutt Patnaik.

I like watching movies in Malayalam, Tamil and English.

I love soft melodies, hindustani and carnatic instrumental in Indian music and jazz, blues and R&B in western music.

Currently, my long term goal is to settle down in the Ranganathaswami streets of Srirangam, or atleast within driving distance of Tiruvannamalai and Kanchipuram (that means Chennai or Bangalore).

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