WebOps at Saarang 2010

Saarang 2010. Annual cultural festival of IIT Madras. As someone who has been constantly visiting websites related to IIT Madras from my 9 th standard, I was very fortunate and deeply honoured to head a team that developed one of the websites which I used to visit in my high school. To say the least, it was fun and extremely gratifying to play my part in the organization of a mammoth festival of the scale of Saarang. The part I was handling, is fondly known as WebOps (officially rechristened as Web & Mobile Applications). Our team, basically, deals with building and maintaining the website and various other internal and external portals. We also develop the mobile applications based on JAVA. I was extremely fortunate to have a like minded and hard working friend as my co-core. We were blessed with a talented team willing to learn,innovate and implement the various ideas which we had.

The building of main website got valuable inputs and help from the famed design team. Saarang 2009 had proved the advantages of having a Design core with webops background. This time also we certify that we can do wonders on the website with help from a good design team. Apart from the website, we handle the numerous portals for various departments like hospitality, even registrations, facilities and finance. I am sure the coordinators learnt a great deal in the art of website design and writing bug free codes.

Visit the site here.

Saarang 2009 saw the introduction of a full fledged JAVA mobile application complete with schedule, coordinator information and a fairly interactive map. In Saarang 2010, our mobile applications team left no stone unturned in making a brilliant, all encompassing mobile application. The numerous additions to the application this year includes a mobile quiz, which received tremendous participation and was lapped up by the users, a fully interactive map of the festive area with current and upcoming events shown. Features to message, in addition to call, all the people behind Saarang 2010 was added. Portability across phones was ensured and 4 different versions of the app was released to cater to different versions of phones.  The mobile team has surpassed levels and we need to look forward to what the next years boys come out with to better our work. Another major attraction this Saarang was the introduction of Bluetooth proximity marketing. The entire Saarang festive area was bluetooth enabled. We sent out the mobile application, mobile themes, wallpapers, news updates, ringtones and ad-campaigns of sponsors. The bluetooth initiative was well received by the crowd as our bluetooth servers catered to over 10000+ downloads with peak traffic coming from OAT and grub stalls.

Catch the application here.

That was a brief glimpse of WebOps at Saarang 2010. I will be back with other stories about Saarang soon. Till then, adios amigos.


4 thoughts on “WebOps at Saarang 2010

  1. how dare you call your blog Veritaserum !!
    stop with the PR fart and give us the actual in-story of webops work – the cups, the screw-ups, the blame games (basically the fun part :P) (like how for saarang day 1 – nothing was legible on the site – i’m personally thinking of putting a post on the same)

    even if you are convinced of what you say – the post sounds like a boring traditional valedictory speech…

    (P.S. – I hope you have comment moderation on this blog – wouldn’t mind you deleting or editing this comment – just wanted to give my frank opinion that’s all – hope to get the same in return on my blog :P)

  2. @Alva ‘desperate for getting comments on blog’ BhattacharJEE : Firstly, thanks for the comment. However, the number of comments you are going to get in your blog will not increase. Refer to HB’s post on FB regarding this issue. This is my blog and I am free to write whatever I want. I don’t go around begging people to comment on my blog, but that does not mean I am averse to positive criticism. As an entertainer, if I bored you, then my apologies for the same. By the by, I am perfectly happy at how my team functioned for Saarang and it might sound as boring to you. Referring to QMS manuals, if a thing is resolved well in time, it is not a cup. There is a “banana talk” in mallu which translates to “Jealousy and Baldness don’t have cure”, (though I have facts to believe the latter is false, nonetheless former is true till date).

  3. um – let me clarify –
    1. “hoping to get the same on my blog” – I meant frank opinion on my posts – not comments.

    2. cups on the Saarang site lasting into day 1 of Saarang are to be called cups

    3. you did bore me – completely

    4. comments or rather feedback is what drives bloggers to blog – at least that’s one of the things which influences my blogging – the feedback need not be in the form of comments on my blog…

    5. When you’re blogging, you’re sharing something with the world – but you only get to share it if your target audience is not bored to death by it – I myself haven’t quite managed it yet, but still, I hope i won’t be posting anything like the above post in the near or distant future…

    – Again, I repeat – give us the fun part (like your 2nd post) – that’s what your readers (me and i’m sure others as well) want…

  4. Chill dude!!!

    Happiness is subjective. Anyway don’t refrain from reading my blogs because of these comments. Regarding your second point, I think you misunderstood me. I was merely referring to a manual. Does not mean I subscribe to its views. 😛 Sadly, There was a long break in my blog due to the second article. So I won’t be making articles like that henceforth. But I will try to bring out some thrills and spills without jeopardizing my position.

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